Pitch Pine Design is dedicated to making you flourish.

Based in Southern New Jersey, our studio specializes in graphic design, illustration, and branding. Through partnerships with small businesses, educators, and nonprofits, we actively contribute by shaping or revitalizing their unique presentations. By creating visual identities, websites, and other mediums, we effectively capture and convey the authentic essence and distinctive character of these organizations with a clean, unforgettable look.

At the core of our mission lies a simple goal: to provide creative expertise, and to ensure that clients have affordable access to the essential services required for attaining the recognition they truly deserve. By doing so, we empower them to make a more significant impact within their local communities.

Some things are important to us, like…

Some things are important to us, like…

Some things are important to us, like…

Honesty and transparency.

Our objective is to maintain reasonable pricing for our services, ensuring that our work remains accessible across a diverse range of budgets. We never overcharge or incorporate hidden fees, prioritizing transparency and fairness in our work.

Quality over quantity.

Recognizing the significance of each project, we deliberately limit our client base, opting to collaborate with only a select few at any given moment. By adopting this approach, we create room to focus, proceed with purpose, and consistently deliver our best.

Seeing you succeed.

To us, there is nothing more rewarding than lifting up those around you. Our goal is to support your organization in reaching its highest potential by crafting designs that are memorable, effective, and on brand.